Our Contributors


Our local running club is responsible for seeing this project forward.  Visit them at www.highsierrastriders.org and join this great group for high altitude running practice.


Thank you to the Town of Mammoth Lakes for support of the Mammoth Track Project.  Danna Stroud and Steve Speidel have shown tireless support of our project and are committed to recreation in our Eastern Sierra town.


ASICS has been a generous donor, and we beleive the acronym for which the brand stands for, Anima Sana in Corpore Sano (a Sound Mind in a Sound Body) is a perfect fit for promoting running and this facility.  Visit www.asicsamerica.com




Land is so valuable.  Thanks to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for a beautiful place to run around in circles.


Brett has been so great to work with and has come up with a brilliant “green” design for this track facility.


Sierra Geotechnical Services Inc. Thank you to Joe Adler for your services during such an early stage of our project.


Thank you to Nils for our great Mammoth Track Project logo.


Eastern Sierra Land Surveys Inc Thank you to Guy Bien for your commitment to this project.


Thank you Dave and Roma McCoy for being the bedrock of athletisism in this community and for kick-starting our fundraising.




Thank you to Rusty Gregory and his excellent team at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.  We’re making turns in a differnt way at the track, but thank you for running with this project. 



Thank you Paul Roten for your commitment and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Steve Klassen for our vaulting equiptment. You bring new meaning to "elevation".

Thank you to Steve Klassen for our vaulting equiptment. You bring new meaning to "elevation".